New WordPress Backup solution: myRepono

March 9th, 2011 | IT Matters, Video Blogs | Mikey | 7 Comments

As my web development business has grown, I’ve had to look in to new and larger solutions as my client based has evolved. Eventually, my dozen regular clients started getting a bit much for me to manage, and so I’ve been searching for tools to cut down my adminsitration time.

Backups are one of those things that I haven’t been very good at, mostly because of the manual process of logging in and out of so many websites that I work with. And so I started looking up WordPress backup solutions.

After searching through this list, I eventually decided on myRepono — mostly for its ease of use.

In the following screencast, I go through a setup of myRepono on a client website and detail why I chose the product. In short, I like the product and think it’s worthwhile to install.

Please do give myRepono a try now.

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  • JrRRr76 03.09.2011

    Hi. Thanks for this video, it was very informative. I probably think this is the way to go, even though I’ve only got one client (who is my dad) at the time. I just want a really easy solution for backup and recovery (especially the recovery part) Do you have any feedback on the recovery part yet? I’m really anxious about that bit, to get it all functioning again.

  • Hey Mikey, thanks for the review of myRepono. It looked like a great service but it is always good to hear an impartial opinion. I was really surprised at the price disparity for backup services, $9, $15 and for 1 website? That is more than my hosting!

    I am a freelance web designer as well, based in Toronto. I totally agree with you on the premium plugins. There are some good free ones, but a premium plugin that is professional grade is worth 15-50 bucks easily. Keep up the excellent posts.

  • You’re welcome Brian. Perhaps you wouldn’t mind using my affiliate link for my effort :)

  • Super helpful video. Happy to use your link as I set up my 6 work accts with Repono. Where is the link though?

  • Ahh, the link is in the story! Very red and hard to miss…

  • To answer the above poster’s question — no I don’t have any information about the recovery process because I haven’t had to do one yet, thankfully.

  • Very useful information. MyRepono is really simple like you. Used your aff link. Thanks.

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